What Are Some Tips for a First-Time Cashier?

Some tips for first-time cashiers include learning how to count change correctly, taking time using the register to avoid having to void a transaction and keeping an eye on how much money is in the cash register. It is also important to never leave a cash register unattended if there is still money in it. Many registers have a way to lock it while away, which prevents someone else from gaining access to it.

Counting change might seem simple and obvious, but it is still a good idea for all first-time cashiers to practice beforehand. Have some change, including bills and coins made, and try to make change for different amounts. This not only ensures it is done correctly, but practicing counting the cash and coins makes it go more smoothly when the time comes to use the register.

After each time the cash register is opened, take a brief glance at how many bills and coins are there. If quarters or one-dollar bills start running out, contact a manager to have it filled up before actually running out. This prevents the cashier from having to give all nickels in place of quarters or give quarters when one-dollar bills run out.

Voiding transactions is possible, but complicated. Avoid them by taking time with the transaction and confirming the details with the customer before finalizing it.