What Are Some Tips for Finding Ventura County Jobs?

What Are Some Tips for Finding Ventura County Jobs?

Tips for finding jobs within Ventura Country, California, include using the location filtering options on national job listing sites to focus on the area, visiting the Ventura Country section of classifieds sites such as Craigslist.org and reaching out to employers within the area to inquire about opportunities. Another option is to look for government jobs through Ventura.org, as of 2015.

Many national job hunting sites offer location filtering tools that allow users to set a specific ZIP code or city and state in order to view listings within that area. As there are several cities within Ventura Country, and these sites typically don't offer county filtering options, users should attempt searches on each location in order to obtain the widest range of results. In some instances, job listings may appear with the wrong city name or location designation.

Classifieds sites such as Craigslist.org also commonly offer pages that exclusively focus on listing within the Venture County area, which include sections for job listings. The Ventura County page of Craigslist.org offers job listings through multiple categories, each of which offers different classifications for the nature of the employment.

It is also possible to find jobs in the county by contacting different businesses directly to ask about career opportunities. Some employers may accept resumes until jobs open, have jobs they have yet to list on public sites or know of opportunities at partner locations.

Ventura.org features a Careers section that includes a wide range of information about obtaining a job with the county government as well as the governments of its cities.