What Are Some Tips for Finding Vacant Lots for Sale?


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Tips for finding vacant lots for sale include checking classified ads, using a broker to find a property and taking note of signs that appear in vacant lots. Browsing Realtor websites may also produce listings for vacant lots for sale.

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Many listings for vacant lots can be found by browsing classified ads. It is wise to pay attention to what the vacant lot is zoned for, as many residential lots are often listed in the investment or commercial property listings, though they may not be zoned for these activities. Using a broker can be valuable when looking for a vacant lot, as it's frequently difficult to contact the owner of vacant lots directly, and brokers often have current listings of all properties available for sale in their area. Keeping an eye out for vacant lots during daily commutes is a useful way to find possible lots to buy. Realtor websites frequently have listings for vacant lots in addition to houses and generally list the zoning category these lots belong to.

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