What Are Some Tips for Finding Small Office Spaces for Rent?


Tips for finding a small office space to rent include enlisting the help of a local tenant broker, viewing properties that don't require multi-year leases and considering inexpensive options, such as subletting a space for a few days a week instead of taking on the burden of full-time rent, recommends SmallBizLady. Tenant brokers understand hidden fees, such as electricity costs, and can provide comparable expense reports for similar facilities. These brokers also know which properties haven't hit the market yet.

Organizations such as the National Business Incubation Association offer services for business owners in search of an office space to rent, explains SmallBizLady. These are often less expensive options, such as shared office space, that help start-up companies avoid the higher costs of renting a traditional office space. Determining the needs of a business, such as a storefront, helps to narrow down rental options.

Rental options that allow business owners to sign a contract for a year or less allow for the ups and downs of starting a new company, notes SmallBizLady. These shorter-term leases give owners some breathing room if a business doesn't take off in the first year or if the owner needs to downsize before a traditional lease expires.