What Are Some Tips for Finding Self-Employment Opportunities?

What Are Some Tips for Finding Self-Employment Opportunities?

Tips for finding self-employed opportunities include choosing the right industries, registering with job boards and agencies, and networking regularly. These are useful tips for finding the opportunities as well as getting the most value out of those opportunities.

Before starting your own business, make sure you are in the right industry and doing the right job. Some industries have higher percentages of people who are self-employed. Construction, professional and business services, and agriculture are the top industries. Other industries include financial services, wholesale and retail trade, and information. Within each industry, certain professions benefit from better-paid job-by-job opportunities. Tech talents, legal advisors and hedge fund managers are some examples.

Once you decide which industry and career path you want to start out as your own boss, check out job boards and freelance platforms catering specifically to that industry and/or that type of job. Peopleperhour is a great platform for Web projects including designing, programming and SEO, while Freelance Writing Gigs focuses on writers, editors, bloggers and publishers.

Additionally, there are generic platforms for everyone from salespeople to construction workers. SimplyHired and Craigslist are two examples. Generic websites often have more opportunities, but specialized platforms can offer better payments for separate gigs.

Networking is another good source for new opportunities. Start from your personal contacts, such as friends, families and previous employers. Industry conferences and professional meet-up events can also bring in more paid gigs.