What Are Some Tips for Finding Second-Chance Apartments in Georgia?


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To find second-chance apartments in Georgia, check property-listing sites such as Trovit. Enlist the help of friends in your property search, and increase your security deposit to increase the likelihood of securing a rental, suggests SFGate. Repair your credit history by moving in with a roommate, and explain your rental history to a potential landlord upfront, recommends Forbes.

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Trovit provides filters to fine-tune your search for second chance rentals in Georgia by price, square footage, total bedrooms and total bathrooms. Visit Trovit.com to view photos of available rentals and preview their details.

Writing a preemptive letter to a prospective landlord explaining the circumstances behind your negative rental history and the steps you are taking to correct the issues shows your responsibility and may work in your favor, states SFGate. Consider paying a few months in advance or increasing your security deposit to alleviate a landlord’s concerns, suggests Forbes.

Finding a roommate to share costs helps to reduce your monthly expenses. Additionally, moving in with a roommate who has an active lease lets you benefit from his solid credit, according to Forbes. Friends can help you network with landlords who may be willing to offer you a second chance, adds SFGate.

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