What Are Some Tips for Finding Safe Places to Rent in Your Area?


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To find safe places to rent in a local area, use online crime-mapping services to find the crime rate in a particular neighborhood, and talk to residents about their living experience, advises AMP Security. Check out the national sex offender database to find out if any resident features on the list, states Homes.com.

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To confirm the safety of a particular neighborhood, use online crime-tracking resources, such as CrimeReports and SpotCrime. By entering a location’s address on such sites, you can determine the types of crimes committed in the vicinity and their respective dates, says Homes.com. Compare the crime rates in potential neighborhoods using such resources to find safe areas to rent.

Check out the U.S. Department of Justice National Sex Offender public website to find out the list of convicted sex felons in an area, which indicates the relative safety of an area, notes Homes.com. Check the for-sale listings of properties in an area because a large number of available properties become available when residents escape rising crime. Vacant homes also tend to attract unsavory elements, such as gangs and prostitution rings.

Have a chat with residents in a selected area, and inquire about their perceptions of the neighborhood and safety concerns they have, recommends Homes.com. Such firsthand accounts provide critical feedback for you to make an informed choice. Online social pages of a local area provide a convenient forum for meeting residents, says AMP Security.

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