What Are Some Tips for Finding Quality Industrial Warehouse Shelving?


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Tips for finding quality industrial warehouse shelving include determining the exact type of shelving or racking system that suits the warehouse's needs, requesting a quote from a shelving company to determine cost and available services, and focusing on companies that offer product warranties and guarantees. It may also help to meet with a representative from the company to discuss the project and ask additional questions.

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Finding quality industrial warehouse shelving begins by examining the warehouse space to understand its capabilities and considering the type of products it may store. For example, a small space may require a drive-in rack or push-back rack to reduce wasted space for aisles, whereas a warehouse that stores many perishable products may wish to use a selective rack system to ensure the products with the shortest shelf life exit the facility as soon as possible. Understanding these factors helps the logistics manager to ask the appropriate questions of shelving companies and obtain the best quotes and estimates for costs.

After determining the appropriate style of shelving for the warehouse, the logistics manager may wish to contact companies that specialize in that style, along with general multi-function racking solution businesses. She should give the companies the exact dimensions of the warehouse and the specific requirements for shelving to obtain quotes and compare them between companies. She should also speak to peers in her industry for recommendations and ask necessary questions of the company sales representative.

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