What Are Some Tips for Finding Qualified Employees?


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To find qualified employees, plan the recruitment strategy, and follow a well-structured, proven recruitment process. Compile a success profile of the ideal candidate, and post the job advertisement in media most likely to reach the potential candidates.

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Finding the right employee starts with a good job analysis, which is a collection of information about the duties, responsibilities, skills and work environment of a particular job. The job analysis information is fundamental for developing the job description used to plan the recruitment strategy for getting the right employee. Use the job analysis to draft an ad describing the position and required key qualifications. Including this information in the ad limits the number of unqualified applicants. Post the ad on the Internet as well as in targeted industry publications and local newspapers.

Scan through the applications carefully, and screen all applicants against the list of qualifications, skills and experience. Pre-screen the best candidates before the main interview to save the selection committee time and determine if the salary requirements of the qualifying candidates are congruent to the job. Ensure you ask the right questions during the main interview to separate desirable candidates from average applicants. Carry out effective background checks to verify that the presented credentials, skills and experiences belong to the candidate, then match the best applicant to the profiled job description.

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