What Are Some Tips for Finding Old Farm Houses for Sale?


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There are a number of options to find an old farm house for sale: You can contact a real estate company dealing with coast-to-coast farm property, use the Internet or the classified section in the newspaper, and physically search for farm houses by driving back roads. Restrict the search to properties that are at least 60 miles from large cities to eliminate more expensive properties offered by commuters, according to Mother Earth News.

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You can buy farm property before it goes on the market based on information provided by a network of experts familiar with potential homes, including rural appraisers, farm insurance representatives, community trust fund managers, farm managers, farm credit lenders and community bank lenders, notes Philadelphia magazine.

Carefully review Internet searches for older home misrepresentations. Search using appropriate and specific keywords to narrow the search from a large pool of listings, advises Philadelphia magazine. Include words such as "rustic," "historic" or "stone" to modify the farm house search, or conduct a separate search using words such as "barn," "horse" or "kennel." Craigslist is another option to search for farm homes using the Farm & Garden section to locate sales of farm equipment that designate a potential farm house property.

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