What Are Some Tips for Finding a New Job?


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One of the most important tips for finding a new job is to do so without creating problems at a current job; this can include being discreet about looking at job postings and conducting telephone calls, according to Salary.com. For example, it is not a good idea to give out one's work email and phone number while applying for new jobs, because this can draw attention from current employers and may lead to job loss before a new position is lined up. It is also important to reach out to one's network of professional contacts, colleagues and friends, though again, discretion is key to avoid potential problems in one's current job.

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While networking is important, it is also important to put a lot of effort into finding a new job. This can mean devoting time to the job search process every day, as recommended by Monster. Working on the search every day doesn't necessarily mean applying to every possible position. Instead, talking to people about your job search can help, even if it means telling one's neighbors or dentist. This could lead to a new job by way of referral.

Finally, preparing for phone and in-person interviews before they happen is an important step to landing a new job. Being prepared can help a candidate stand out from a crowd of other applicants.

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