What Are Some Tips for Finding a New Doctor?

Tips for finding a new doctor include developing a list of personal criteria for the physician, such as age, gender and experience level, and then collecting referrals from family, the current doctor and online doctor search tools to locate matching medical professionals. It is also important to check the credentials and specialities of the doctor as well as read reviews on local business and healthcare rating sites.

Finding a new doctor begins with creating a list of all the requirements for the ideal physician, which should include preferences on characteristics of the doctor as a person as well as professional accomplishments. This helps understand the type of doctor likely to make the patient feel most comfortable and serves as a starting point for the search. After making and ranking the list, the patient should utilize physician locator tools through her insurance provider or her primary hospital in addition to collecting personal referrals from family members.

As the patient checks the list of doctors accepting new patients in the area, she should check for matches with her list of preferences. The patient should also pay attention to the doctor's specialty, as some physicians practice different styles of medicine that may not line up to her specific medical needs. Patients should always confirm that any potential new doctors have valid board certification and a clean medical disciplinary record. It can also help to read reviews from past patients to determine skill level and demeanor.