What Are Some Tips for Finding Low Fuel Oil Prices?


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Tips for finding low fuel prices include knowing where to find cheap gas, going to the right station and taking advantage of available discounts. Websites such as GasBuddy.com allow users to compare gas prices in their area easily.

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What Are Some Tips for Finding Low Fuel Oil Prices?
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Gas stations located further away from the freeway or in outlying suburbs tend to have cheaper fuel. Gas is usually more expensive in affluent areas where land is more valuable and where customers are generally less price sensitive.

Certain types of gas stations may also have cheaper fuel. Department stores, grocery stores and wholesale clubs tend to price their gas lower to attract customers to their stores. People with store membership can make indirect savings through credit for in-store purchases after buying fuel. Gas at service stations with on-site auto repair shops is often more expensive.

Lastly, mail coupons, Internet coupons and grocery store coupons can offer additional ways to save on gas. Some stations offer discounts on gas after purchasing a car wash. Rebate credit cards can also help to save money on fuel.

It is worth looking into alternative ways to get around such as carpooling or taking public transportation where possible. Pubic transport passes are available at discounted rates. Purchasing a more fuel efficient vehicle may also pay off in fuel economy in the long-term.

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