What Are Some Tips for Finding Local Job Searching Resources?

What Are Some Tips for Finding Local Job Searching Resources?

Tips for finding local job searching resources include checking community-based job listing sites such as Criagslist.org or Jobing.com, as well as national job-hunting sites with location filtering tools, such as Indeed.com, as of 2015. Job-Hunt.org also offers many resources for job searching by state.

Craiglsist.org requires visitors to choose a city in which to conduct a search before viewing any listings, which ensures the inclusion of local job opportunities. In many cases, the site collects smaller cities in the section for the nearest major city or county, though it does offer tools to narrow results to view listings in specific regions. The site has sections for full-time jobs, short-term employment and uploading resumes.

Jobing.com also functions on a regional basis, focusing on the major cities in each state to display job opportunities. The site offers job searches by employer, the companies with the most open positions, or recently uploaded job listings.

Indeed.com features a search tool for specific cities and states or ZIP with current job openings. Some listings link to the company websites, though others appear directly on Indeed.com and feature the option to apply immediately.

Job-Hunt.org offers numerous articles on how to find jobs in a local area, including links to different state resources and job boards.