What Are Some Tips for Finding Local Insurance Brokers?


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Find local insurance brokers by inquiring from friends, family and co-workers about credible agents in a given area, advises United Policyholders. Phone directory listings and websites such as insureMe.com provide customers with references to local brokers and offer access to discount programs, says Bankrate. Use an agent locator tool to find an independent broker by criteria such as insurance type, address, language and agency name, according to Progressive Casualty Insurance.

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What Are Some Tips for Finding Local Insurance Brokers?
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Talking with local brokers helps a customer determine the ease of working with them and their trustworthiness. A broker with experience in a specific type of insurance helps a customer find the right coverage, states United Policyholders. Seek out brokers who offer coverage from multiple insurers, which lets customers make price comparisons and helps them find the best quotes. Finding a broker who provides coverage that matches a customer’s needs is a better bet than one who is preoccupied with cheap insurance, notes Bankrate.

Checking with the state’s department of insurance helps a customer determine whether a broker has a good standing and operating license, which eliminates the risk of being scammed, according to United Policyholders. Personal recommendations help determine a broker’s responsiveness, clarity in answering a customer’s queries and the overall customer experience. Testimonials on review sites can help customers gauge a broker’s service.

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