What Are Some Tips for Finding a Job With an Offshore Drilling Company?


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Tips for finding a job with an offshore drilling company include searching the employment sections of offshore drilling company's websites, expanding the search beyond oil companies and looking on general job hunting sites as well as specialty oil rig job boards. It may also be helpful for job seekers to make a list of skills to identify qualifying positions or focus on entry-level rolls.

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Many offshore drilling companies regularly post job opportunities on their website and may provide tools that allow users to apply directly through the site as well. The same is true of job listing sites, though these may include a wider range of opportunities, as the sites include listings from multiple employers. In each case, the applicant should prepare a resume that suits the exact position, highlighting the necessary skills, work experience and education that appears in the job requirements section of the posting.

Another option is to look for jobs with companies that have contracts with oil and drilling companies, such as a catering service that handles the food preparation for an oil rig. Locate these companies by reaching out to specific companies and inquiring about the contractors they hire to apply with those companies. Many offshore drilling companies also offer roles in medical, safety, training and maintenance fields that carry different requirements. For example, if an applicant does not qualify for a high-level technician job, he may qualify for an entry position within the maintenance department.

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