What Are Some Tips for Finding Hunting Land for Lease in Florida?

What Are Some Tips for Finding Hunting Land for Lease in Florida?

Tips for finding hunting land for lease in Florida include exploring different options, getting as much information as possible about the land and practicing due diligence. Hunting land available for lease in Florida includes private land, public land and hunt clubs.

Apart from private and public land, timber companies regularly offer their forests on lease for hunting. Visiting local timber companies and talking to representatives may reveal good results. Other ways of finding hunting land include networking with local landowners and checking classified ads in local and regional newspapers and outdoor magazines.

Timing is equally important when leasing land for hunting. The best time to lease is in late April or early May when previous years’ lease holders typically end their leases.

Lessees should get as much information about the hunting land as possible before making a commitment. They should find out if the properly is cut off from feeding or bedding areas, the location of wildlife corridors and land features that may attract or repel animals.

Due diligence involves physically visiting the land and checking the distance to travel during hunting season. Meeting an agent in person helps to create rapport and makes it easier to sort out any problems as they come up. The lease holder should also read the contract carefully before signing and understand their responsibilities and those of the landowner. Most contracts are negotiable.