What Are Some Tips for Finding House Rentals in Los Angeles?


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People who wish to rent in Los Angeles should get to know the neighborhoods and rental market, be prepared to move quickly on available properties, rent a place in the short term until long-term housing is secured, and walk or drive around to look for rentals rather than relying solely on the Internet, advises TRG Realty. Potential renters should be prepared to live in properties that are not perfectly suited to them.

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Los Angeles is a large, spread-out city, so people seeking rentals must get to know the neighborhoods, notes TRG Realty. Because California law prohibits brokers from selling rental listings unless they have a special license, there are few rental agents in the city. There is high demand for rental properties in Los Angeles, so they are often on the market for as little as 24 hours. People should be prepared to act on a listing as soon as possible or risk losing the rental.

People who want to rent in Los Angeles should secure a short-term lease or make other accommodations so that they have a place to stay while looking for a rental property that meets their needs, states TRG Realty. Landlords in Los Angeles often do not place ads on the Internet; instead, they put out rental signs on their properties, so potential renters should drive around their desired neighborhoods and call landlords as soon as possible.

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