What Are Some Tips for Finding a House With Acreage?


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Spend some time renting a home in the area where you plan to buy acreage before you start seriously looking for land, suggests About.com. This helps you get familiar with the community and may help you find local land for sale.

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Rural acreages are usually not inspected as thoroughly as city lots, so inspect the soil thoroughly, suggests Better Homes and Gardens. Ask others in the area about common problems with the land, and contact the Natural Resource Conservation Service for a soil survey. Consider having the property inspected by a geotechnical engineer for a more detailed report.

Understand what services are available before you buy, according to Living the Country Life. Trash pickup, Internet access and road maintenance may not be available in some rural areas. If the home uses a septic tank, have that inspected before you purchase it.

If you plan to keep livestock or have other planned uses for the land, check the zoning laws, recommends Living the Country Life. Even in rural areas, some places may restrict the amount or type of livestock you can keep or otherwise dictate how you can use the land. Contact the local zoning commission and the Department of Natural Resources for help.

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