What Are Some Tips for Finding Horse Ranches for Rent?


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When looking for a horse ranch for rent, About.com recommends a property with an appropriate location, size, geography and zoning. It is important to find a ranch that is within a reasonable commuting distance from work and that also allows the farrier easy access to the horses all year long. Second, the land should be at least 2.5 acres and relatively flat, but not prone to flooding. Finally, the land must be zoned for horses.

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Horses are grazers and need space to walk, run and explore, explains About.com. As such, the property needs to have no plants that are harmful to horses and it must be well-maintained. A prospective renter should examine whether any plants that are toxic to horses are growing on the property itself or on the surrounding properties. Leaves from these plants may blow into the pasture and then be consumed by the horse. Some plants that are toxic to horses are red maple, wild onions, foxglove, poinsettia, and ground ivy according to Cornell University’s Department of Animal Science.

Moreover, If there are any mechanical objects or pieces of furniture in the pasture, the horses may discover them and could get hurt doing so. The property must be clear of anything man-made that they might step on or get caught in. Similarly, this applies to holes and washouts. These are dangers that might cause a horse to trip. It is best to fill these in so the horses can graze more safely.

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