What are some tips for finding Honduras homes for sale?


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Foreign buyers have been able to own property in Honduras since 1991, says Roatan Real Estate. After agreeing on a real estate purchase, an attorney creates a legal contract which is witnessed by a local notary officer. After that, the Honduras government issues a title to both national and international buyers within 120 days after the deal is closed. Notary officials are well-trained professionals with high status in Honduras, so high levels of professionalism are generally guaranteed.

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Buying property in Honduras usually involves moderate transaction costs, says the Global Property Guide website. In Honduras, some of the land on sale is not legally titled, so it's important to check that real estate is legally clear before making an offer. It's a good idea to contact local realtors and lawyers with a good reputation and hire them to carry out background checks of the property.

Foreign buyers wishing to buy a property for residential purposes should also note that Honduras law only allows the purchase of one single residence which should be immediately registered with the Minister of Tourism, states Global Property Guide. The site states that local law also prohibits foreign ownership of a property located within 40 kilometers of certain parts of the Honduras, including the Caribbean coast, the Gulf of Fonseca and any areas of Honduras bordering with neighboring countries.

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