What Are Some Tips for Finding Homes to Rent in Leesburg, Florida?

To find homes to rent in Leesburg, Florida, check online listings such as Zillow.com and Trulia. Before negotiating for lower rent, assess comparable units to determine the fairness of rental rates, suggests MarketWatch.

Zillow and Trulia feature maps that provide an aerial shot of available home rentals in specific neighborhoods in Leesburg, Florida. The websites also provide filtering tools to narrow your search to properties that fit your needs. Refine your search on Zillow by price, total baths and bedrooms, lot sizes and age of the home using the More tab available on the site.

Consider the amount you are able to pay for rent by evaluating your expenses. Having a set budget range minimizes the risk of settling for a home that you cannot afford, explains Forbes. Find a property that fits your budget in Leesburg, Florida, by using a tool such as the rent affordability calculator that Zillow provides. The calculator lets you sort properties by listing rentals that do not exceed 40 percent of your estimated gross earnings.

To determine whether a rental has a fair price, compare its price with similar properties in the area, suggests MarketWatch. A site such as Rentometer.com lets you analyze the rental rate of comparable properties in the Leesburg neighborhood by price, total bedrooms, search radius and age of listings.