What Are Some Tips for Finding Homes to Rent in Brentwood, North Carolina?

To find rental homes in Brentwood, North Carolina, check out property listing sites such as Trulia. Consider your credit report when making rental negotiations, and compare rental rates of similar homes. Be persistent in your property search by checking the Web regularly, recommends MarketWatch.

Narrow your search on Trulia by minimum and maximum price, and total bathrooms and bedrooms. Use the map feature on the site to get an aerial view of properties in a certain neighborhood. Find single-family or multi-family homes based on crime density, education statistics and commute time. Evaluate the local real estate trends in Brentwood using the tools on Trulia, and compare local rental rates on available homes. Alternatively, use the Rentometer website to analyze the pricing of a rental home compared to other properties within a preselected radius, based on the age of available listings.

Negotiate for lower rent by using your good credit as leverage, advises MarketWatch. If you have bad credit, reassure the landlord by offering to have a trusted relative, co-worker or friend cosign your rental application, suggests Forbes. Ensure the rental amount is affordable, to avoid burdening your guarantor. If your financial woes result from issues beyond your control, being upfront with a landlord may work in your favor.