What Are Some Tips for Finding Government Jobs in Michigan?


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Tips for finding government jobs in Michigan include visiting GovernmentJobs.com to locate career opportunities with the state government, checking during different times of the year for seasonal positions and reformatting resumes to match the terminology of specific positions. Another option is to look for federal jobs at a Michigan field office, which may carry different requirements and opportunities.

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The Michigan state government posts all of its open positions on GovernmentJobs.com under a special section for the state, which includes a full list of all current jobs. Listings include the official tile, employment type, salary and location. The application process all takes place within the site, which requires users to create an account and build an experience profile by answering a series of questions. Uses can upload additional documents to the applicant, such as a resume or cover letter, which should include formatting and content specific to that position. Resumes may be more effective if they prioritize similar departmental experience or any previous government jobs.

The job listings on the site vary significantly over time, as some positions open on a set schedule or are only available during specific times of the year. Seasonal jobs can appear as contractors for the state government rather than full employees, often focusing on labor work such as plowing snow or city facility maintenance. Some federal jobs that operate within the state may appear on other websites, though they often feature a similar application process.

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