What Are Some Tips for Finding a Good Marketing Vendor?

Tips for finding a good marketing vendor include identifying marketing needs, finding prospects, developing success criteria and narrowing options. Finding the right vendor is essential to business success.

Identifying specific marketing needs helps to narrow options and focus on finding a vendor with the right skill set for the projected tasks. It is equally important to set a time line for the search and an initial budget to ensure the process runs on schedule.

Next, a company should review as many vendors as possible, asking for referrals, visiting their websites and conferring with the Better Business Bureau and local associations. Due diligence is important in finding legitimate vendors who are reliable and efficient.

Coming up with criteria for success can help to further narrow options and streamline the hiring process. Factors to consider when developing the criteria include the companies' specialties, current clients and fee structures; any special expertise critical to the project; and how they handle the specific type of project.

Calling the short-listed companies and clearly explaining the details of the project are important steps in choosing a marketing vendor. A representative should ask questions based on the set success criteria to find the best company for the project. Asking for quotations and negotiating the price where possible can lead to getting the best value for money.