What Are Some Tips for Finding Fast Park Cincinnati Coupons?

Find Fast Park Cincinnati coupons by joining the Fast Park Relax for Rewards program, in which members earn points toward discounts on parking. Another way to find Fast Park Cincinnati coupons is to become a member of AAA and receive a discount at any Fast Park location.

Join the Fast Park Relax for Rewards program for the Cincinnati location by going to the company's website and clicking on the Relax for Rewards tab at the top of the home page. Create an account by filling in the requested information and providing an email address. Members receive a rewards card to present with every use of Fast Park Cincinnati services. Accrue points through this card to credit to an online account, which you can later redeem for free parking.

As of October 2015, eight points on the Relax for Rewards card is worth one free day of parking, while 40 points is worth up to seven consecutive days. Points earned are deposited into the user's online account within 24 hours of using the rewards card. There are no limitations as to when or how to use the points, and they never expire.

You can also become an AAA member and receive a discount on Fast Park Cincinnati services. As of October 2015, this discount entails 15% off of the lowest rate available for airport parking.