What Are Some Tips for Finding Employment for People Over 60?

One tip for people who are seeking employment after the age of 60 is to update their resumes to emphasize their personal and professional experience and focus on leadership or seniority. Another is to attend courses or seminars to ensure that a skill set is kept as up to date as possible, particularly in the area of new technologies. It is also important to increase the chances of obtaining interviews and employment by informing a wide range of people, including former colleagues and clients, about availability, states BankRate.com.

Reaching out to members of an existing network is often more likely to lead to employment because personalized recommendations can be made, notes Bankrate.com. Employers' reservations about hiring older workers can therefore be mitigated.

Another important consideration for people seeking work after the age of 60 is to be flexible, notes BankRate.com. Whereas some people's skills and work experience may be better suited to an office environment, the positions may not be widely available for people over the age of 60. Persistence and patience are also important for job seekers over the age of 60, as is the expectation to be looking for work for up to a year, states Aerotek.com.

A final tip is to seek employment at smaller organizations, which might include nonprofits, start-ups and niche educational programs. Such employers are often more likely to value older, more experienced employees.