What Are Some Tips on Finding Employment for People Aged 50 and Over?

Tips on finding employment at age 50 or over include seeking out employers who welcome older workers, revising a resume to show only recent, relevant experience and learning current job search methods. At the interview, highlighting experience and current knowledge of technology and industry trends can put seasoned candidates ahead of those who are younger and greener.

Workforce50.com lists employers that value hiring older workers. Some of these are Atlantic Health System, the University of Pittsburgh, the Department of the Interior's U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Verizon and Robert Half International, as of 2015.

The resume need not show that a candidate graduated college decades ago. Besides omitting the year of graduation, candidates should leave off work experience older than 10 years unless it is more relevant to a job than more recent experience. In that case, it is better to use a functional rather than a chronological resume format and to leave off experience from intervening years.

Learning current methods of job hunting makes the search more efficient. While print newspapers still have help wanted ads, most jobs are posted on company websites and major job sites such as Monster.com. Job seekers can also post their resumes on these websites. Networking to find leads, referrals and introductions from personal contacts and developing new contacts can prove beneficial to older job seekers. Joining LinkedIn is a way to develop a network, gain exposure to recruiters looking for people with specific skill sets, find job leads and keep up with industry trends.

An older job candidate needs to show that she has the energy and enthusiasm for the job. Rather than mentioning age directly, it helps to address fitting in with the team and taking direction from the manager.