What Are Tips on Finding the Best Dividend Stocks?


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Paying attention to leading sources of information about dividend-paying stocks is the way to find the best dividend stocks, according to Investopedia. As of 2015 one of the more widely distributed sources is the Saturday edition of the Wall Street Journal, which lists dividend yields in stock quotes.

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The weekday issues of the Wall Street Journal does not provide information about dividends, but the Saturday listings have a column entitled "YLD." This is short for yield. If a number appears in that column next to a stock's name, then that stock pays dividends at the annualized percentage rate indicated by the number, says Investopedia.

Dividend Detective provides information on 800 dividend-paying stocks, notes Investopedia. This online publication has free content, including this list of stocks. Those who want more refined information subscribe to the site to gain access to features such as a list of the 50 stocks with the highest dividends as well as an array of sample portfolios with focuses on different investment goals for those who do not have time for research, according to Dividend Detective's site.

Investment Quality Trends is a newsletter for dividend-focused investors that's been around since 1966. The site notes that part of its philosophy is to focus on stocks that perform well over decades rather than the stocks with the highest yield at any given moment. Much of this site's information is subscriber-only, but it does include some sample information on stocks that perform well.

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