What Are Some Tips for Finding Corporate Sponsorships?


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Find corporate sponsorships by researching prominent companies that are headquartered in the same local area, or have local branch locations, and that have strong ties to the community. Target companies that demonstrate a shared commitment to the same charitable causes and develop an outreach plan. Board members and committee members are good resources for corporate contacts, and asking these members to reach out to personal contacts can help establish a relationship with corporate benefactors.

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Organizations seeking corporate support can increase their odds of success by contacting companies that are a good fit with the charitable cause or event. This requires consideration of a company's brand and image. For instance, companies that sell luxury items are not the best fit for events such as a casual walk-a-thon. However, a sporting goods manufacturer is the type of company that fits well with events requiring physical activity. When approaching board or committee members for corporate contacts use a sign-up sheet for writing down company names and persons to contact.

The organization should create a letter to send out to potential corporate sponsors, which introduces the charity, or charity event, and solicits the company for its support. Board and committee members should sign letters sent to their contacts. Cold contacting companies and asking them for donations is sometimes discouraging, but organizations should set modest goals and focus on building relationships.

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