What Are Some Tips for Finding Bilingual Employees?


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Tips for finding bilingual employees include specifying knowledge of the language in question in the description and title of postings on online job listing sites or hiring a recruiter who specializes in bilingual applicants. Other tips include posting jobs on employment websites or newspapers targeted at speakers of the second language.

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Employers looking for applicant who speak a second language should always include fluency in that language as one of the main requirements in all online job listings. This alerts bilingual candidates that knowledge of that language is necessary for the job, increasing the chances that they may apply. It also decreases the number of applications from candidates who don't speak that language. Some employers may wish to include the language fluency in the title of the post, which allows anyone browsing listings to immediately know that the job is for bilingual applicants.

The employer should also post the job listing on websites and in the classifieds section of newspapers for people who speak the desired language. It is important to translate the job listing into the language to ensure that applicants are able to read it, including that a knowledge of English is also a requirement. This increases the reach into different communities and to a greater number of people who speak that language. It may also be helpful to hire a bilingual recruiter, as they often know about different publications and websites where speakers of that language look for jobs.

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