What Are Some Tips for Finding an Audition to Become a Singer?


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Find singing auditions online through casting databases, via major network websites and through trade magazines that focus on the music industry. For local results, keep an eye out for public bulletins at music stores as well as newspaper classifieds that call for vocal talent.

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The need for vocal talent is abundant, judging by the long list of current casting opportunities on national talent databases such as backstage.com. This resource is not specific to listings for singers but rather encompasses all of showbusiness. This database is updated regularly.

Some databases, such as The Casting Call Hub, are dedicated to vocal casting calls for TV spots. This is where you can find information about open auditions for popular TV shows like "American Idol."

NBC, the hosting network of "The Voice," features a dedicated page on its site with instructions on how to audition for The Voice.

If you have a disability, are of a certain race or ethnicity, or you want to find auditions for specific music genres, narrow your search by your chosen category. This approach can decrease your competitive pool considerably, thus actually giving you a chance to break into the spotlight.

Lastly, you can find singing jobs and auditions in the classified sections of trade magazines. Music Connection, a mainstay publication in the music industry, features opportunities for its readers on a regular basis. Most of the opportunities are paid-for and are located in New York City.

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