What Are Some Tips for Finding Apartments or Flats in Ottawa?


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To find apartments or flats in Ottawa, Canada, allow sufficient time for the search, research available properties, and make concessions to score a good deal, says District Realty. Compare rental rates of similar apartments, and involve friends in your property search, suggests MarketWatch. Having a budget allows you to focus on apartments that you can afford, according to Sleepwell Property Management.

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Starting your search for an apartment early allows you to find an apartment with features that fit your needs as opposed to settling for any unit that is available. Research the rental market to understand the nuances that shape the market. Online listing sites such as Craigslist.ca and Kijiji.ca can help you find suitable rentals, according to District Realty.

To save money on rent, be willing to make compromises by determining the amenities or features you are willing to live with or without. Tour the units that interest you to evaluate their condition to make an informed rental choice, advises District Realty. Find a rental that has a fair price by comparing the rates of similar apartments, recommends MarketWatch. Ensure to factor potential increases in rent that may raise your monthly payment beyond your budget, and avoid leases that are on the upper limit of your budget and do not include utilities, cautions Sleepwell Property Management.

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