What Are Some Tips for Finding an Apartment When You Have Bad Credit?


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People with bad credit can more easily find apartments if they can prove steady income, says The Huffington post. When viewing apartments, people should bring pay stubs, copies of tax returns and any other recognized proofs of income. In addition to proving income quickly, arriving with this paperwork in hand demonstrates organization and seriousness.

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When seeking an apartment rental, recommendation letters can partially offset having bad credit, according to The Huffington Post. Positive reference letters from current and past employers, co-workers and business associates can prove persuasive. Previous landlords and roommates are also good sources for references.

People with poor credit often compensate by agreeing to pay larger security deposits, informs The Huffington Post. In addition to providing a hefty security deposit, landlords might insist that tenants pre-pay several months of rent. A landlord might overlook poor credit if the tenant can produce a co-signer, which is a friend or relation who does not intend to live in the apartment but is willing to guarantee payment in case the tenant defaults.

Tenants with poor credit should avoid dealing with larger corporate landlords, reports CBS News. All too often, these landlords have firm, non-negotiable standards for credit scores. Individual property owners and "mom and pop" landlords are typically more likely to show compassion toward applicants with less-than-stellar credit.

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