What Are Some Tips for Finding Affordable Bronx Apartments?


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Ways to find cheap apartments in the Bronx include looking into local housing programs to find low-income units and searching for rent-regulated apartments, according to Josh Barro for Business Insider. The inclusionary housing program in New York City sets aside a certain number of apartments in each building for low-income residents.

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The low-income apartments available through the inclusionary housing program are located throughout New York City, notes Barro. Since they are often high in demand, you need to get on a waiting list. If you are looking for cheap apartments in the Bronx and have a low income, you likely qualify for one of these apartments. Access is based on a lottery due to the high demand of apartments.

Another option is to find rent-regulated apartments, explains Barro. These apartments are difficult to find but can give you a good discount on your Bronx apartment if you do find one. Rent control is a different program than rent regulation. To find an apartment at a discount due to the rent stabilization act, you want rent-regulated apartments.

To find apartments for rent that are cheap in the Bronx, use listing sites such as Zillow.com. Choose For Rent during the search and type Bronx in the search bar. To find the cheapest apartment, set a price range and sort the results with the cheapest units at the top of the list. Also select other filtering options, such as a pet-friendly apartment, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, or other amenities, according to the Zillow website.

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