What Are Some Tips for Filling Out a Goal Setting Form?


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Tips for filling out forms as part of setting personal or employment goals include conducting an honest evaluation of personal needs and wants, dedicating an ample amount of time to complete the form in a single sitting, and focusing on a single area for each document. The goals should also feature measurable metrics for success.

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Goal forms and worksheets allow job hunters to bring order to their career aspirations by outlining the specific items they wish to achieve and then making actionable plans on how to achieve them.

Though the forms may vary on content and orientation, most require the applicant to carry out a thorough self-evaluation to determine what she wants to achieve with her career, such as a specific job title she wants or a certain salary range she wishes to receive.

The form should also stick to a single topic, or related group of topics, to avoid diluting the contents and keep the goals actionable. The applicant should be able to realistically attain a goal with a reasonable amount of work and effort, such as becoming a manager in her company within five years; aiming to go straight to CEO from an entry-level position is not a realistic goal.

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