What Are Some Tips for Filling Out Form 1040X?


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Tips for properly filling out a 1040X form include gathering material connected to the old tax return that needs to be amended, including the original return filed; printing out all the proper forms and directions for the amended return; and filling out the 1040X form, closely following the instructions provided, says TurboTax. The 1040X form allows taxpayers to make amendments on previously filed returns, and it should be returned with any corrected or previously missing documents.

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To begin the process, the taxpayer reviews original document and puts in order all new or corrected forms connected to the amendments, according to TurboTax. Such documents may include a receipt for a deduction that was not claimed originally or a W-2 form that was not included with the original filing. After getting this done, any additional necessary forms for the year in question can be downloaded from the Internal Revenue Service website. New forms are not necessary for the entire return but only the sections that are affected by the changes.

When filling out the actual 1040X form, this principle applies as well, explains TurboTax. The entire original document need to be copied onto the 1040X form. Only the boxes and sections affected by the changes need to be filled out. There is also a space in the 1040X form in which the taxpayer should briefly explain the reasons for the changes.

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