What Are Some Tips for Filing a Complaint Against Your Employer?

To file a complaint against an employer, an employee should first file the complaint with his company's human resources department, then file the complaint with an appropriate government agency that deals with his particular problem, according to LegalMatch. The employee must make his claim in writing and should include as much information as possible, including personal contact information, the employer's contact information and a description of the circumstances that led to the complaint, according to Workplace Fairness.

Additional information the employee should include in his complaint includes the date of the violation, work transcripts, hiring or firing forms, wage stubs, and witness accounts if available, reports the U.S. Department of Labor. The more information the employee provides in writing, the more thorough an investigation the government agency can make.

The employee's specific type of complaint determines which government agency he should file the complaint with. For instance, if the employee believes the employer has discriminated against him on the basis of race or religion, he should file with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, but if the complaint has to do with workplace safety, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is the appropriate agency to file the complaint with, explains LegalMatch.