What Are Some Tips to Ensure a Complaint Is Heard and Addressed?


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To ensure a complaint is heard and addressed, use the live chat feature on the website of the company in question. This approach to reaching a customer service representative generally allows for a transcript of the exchange to be created and then emailed once the conversation is completed. It also enables a faster response or at least a direct response regarding follow-up actions that will be taken to remedy the situation.

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Be firm and direct when speaking to a CSR, but don't be rude or in any way discourteous or disrespectful. Bad behavior can make a CSR not want to help resolve the issue. Just state the problem and ask whether the CSR is the right person to resolve the issue or whether it's necessary to be transferred to someone else who could best help.

It is recommended to get the names of every CSR who's spoken to. Jot down notes regarding the communications with them, including any promises they make. When a CSR with the power to handle the situation is reached, clearly state the desired outcome, such as a refund, a replacement or credit. Don't be afraid to ask for a supervisor if the outcome is not satisfactory.

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