What Are Some Tips About Employee Safety?


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To promote employee safety when using chemicals, organizations should consider adopting chemical management systems that substitute hazardous chemicals for safer alternatives, recommends the Occupational Safety & Health Administration. In workplaces impacted by adverse weather, employees should take part in education organized by safety agencies such as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to improve their level of preparedness and response to severe weather.

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To prevent occupational injuries caused by slips or falls, firms should consider installing non-slip floors in areas that are less frequently cleaned, using drip pans to minimize spills, and keeping aisles free from items that could cause trips, says Safety+Health Magazine. Storing flammable materials in labeled containers and designated locations eliminates the risk of fire. Employees should keep passageways and emergency exits obstruction-free to aid mobility in case of fire.

The use of toe boards and toe rails keeps stored items secure and prevents injuries to workers from falling objects, reports Safety+Health Magazine. Storage of heavy objects on lower shelves minimizes the risk of injury in case they fall. A floor layout of the storage area keeps workers informed and minimizes their exposure to hazards. Getting rid of clutter in areas such as the stairways, desks and emergency exits provides ample working space for workers and lowers the risk of injury.

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