What Are Some Tips for E-Filing Your Tax Return?

Entering the taxpayer's correct Social Security Number, including the correct number of dependents, checking the correct filing status and reconciling income are tips that TurboTax recommends for e-filing. These tips minimize the risk of rejection when electronically filing.

The Internal Revenue Service has a system in place to ensure that a taxpayer's name matches his Social Security Number, states TurboTax. Taxpayers filing a joint return must use the information for the primary taxpayer. In some instances, a name change due to a marriage or divorce can raise concern during the electronic filing process.

Similarly, the Internal Revenue Service checks that each dependent's name matches his Social Security Number, notes TurboTax. Moreover, a taxpayer must ensure that a dependent is only listed on one tax return. Taxpayers must ask their spouses and family members about the inclusion of dependents on their returns.

Certain filing statuses have eligibility requirements. For instance, a head of household must claim at least one dependent, explains TurboTax. The Internal Revenue Service rejects returns that do not meet this requirement.

Finally, income on a tax return must reconcile with associated forms, such as the W-2. Common errors relate to mathematical miscalculations or inputting the wrong W-2 amounts. With certain electronic filing software, the user can import a W-2 directly into the tax return, notes TurboTax.