What Are Some Tips to Find a Doctor in St. Petersburg, Florida?

Tips for finding a doctor in St. Petersburg, Florida, include checking at local hospitals or clinics, such as Suncoast Medical Clinic, speaking to insurance companies to find in-network physicians, and checking on doctor search sites, such as HealthFinder.gov. It's important to research doctors through doctor review sites, such as Vitals.com.

Begin the search for a doctor in St. Petersburg, Florida, by making a list of criteria necessary in the new physician, such as a specific medical specialty, knowledge of a certain language or a minimum number of years of experience. Begin searching at nearby medical facilities to locate doctors that match these needs, as many hospitals offer online search tools to locate doctors according to various factors such as age, gender or specialty. Patients should also check with insurance providers to make sure that the doctor or hospital is part of its network, as visiting an out-of-network doctor can result in higher fees.

HealthFinder.gov offers a tool to locate doctors within St. Petersburg, Florida, and the surrounding cities. After making a list of potential doctors, check their ratings on different review sites to identify any issues or major complaints from past patients. This also helps you learn about the personality of the doctor and his bedside manner.