What Are Some Tips for Developing a Communication Strategy?


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When developing a communications strategy, align the objectives of the strategy with those of the organization, identify the target audience, and create comprehensive cases to cover all audiences and all key messages. Select communicating tools and activities based on audience demographics, assign resources, set reasonable timescales and perform regular audits to ascertain the effectiveness of the strategy.

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When developing a communications strategy, one should involve the entire communications team and, to some extent, the entire organization. Aligning the communications strategy with the organizational strategy reinforces the importance of communication and promotes efficiency. The strategy should target key stakeholders, rather than external parties, such as the media, to achieve its objectives. Strategy formulators can maximize the impact of the communications strategy by creating comprehensive cases that cover different scenarios, using interesting narratives to convey messages, and summarizing and repeating key points.

Strategy formulators should select tools for communicating messages based on the type of message and the needs of the audience. Timescales help set reasonable expectations and outline how resources will be apportioned. Periodical evaluations ascertain that the communications strategy works with both internal and external audiences. Open questions directed to different audiences are also important for collecting results and amending the strategy.

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