What Are Tips for Designing and Printing Business Cards?

What Are Tips for Designing and Printing Business Cards?

Tips for designing and printing business cards include having a purpose in mind, utilizing the back of the card, using high quality paper and sizing the card appropriately. An effective business card is memorable, even in a pile of other cards.

A business card should do more than provide contact information. It is important to have specific goals of what the business card should achieve before designing one. Common goals include standing out from the competition, being used as a marketing tool or being an identifying marker.

It is also a good idea to utilize all the available space on the business card including the back. The back can be used to provide a special offer, report or coupon. This adds value to the card and ensures that the recipient will not simply throw it away.

Many times, the business card creates the first impression about the business. The card quality should indicate professionalism. A good card should is also easy to write on because some people like to take notes on business cards to help with memory.

A good business card should be appropriately sized. Big or strangely shaped cards are difficult to carry in a wallet or card holder. Although a unique business card is good, it should be a standard size.