What Are Some Tips for Designing a Pamphlet?


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Tips for designing a pamphlet include determining its purpose and content before creating the design, choosing the appropriate paper stock and printing a sample pamphlet to test the design first. Limit the number of fonts throughout the design, and match the content and presentation format to the specific pamphlet style.

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Before starting the actual pamphlet design, think about the goals for the document to develop a clear strategy for organizing its information. A pamphlet meant to entice viewers into purchasing a product may have a different layout and content than one that needs to inform current customers about new services available. After outlining the ideal action from the customer and the information, brainstorm possible layout options, and gather any relevant images, such as company logos or official product pictures.

The pamphlet's design should highlight the key content, often featuring a small segment on the outside to entice readers and placing the rest inside where it has the most space. If the pamphlet has a special size, such as with a tri-fold pamphlet, the information or images needing more room should appear in the center area. After making a mock-up of the design, printing a single copy tests the way the color matches the paper and makes sure its packaging does not prevent viewers from accessing information correctly.

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