What Are Some Tips for Decorating a Hair Salon?


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When decorating a hair salon, pick a theme to guide the process, and choose bright and bold colors. Regardless of specific design, strive to create a clean and uncluttered space.

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Use colors that make the salon stand out. Consider the feelings that different colors evoke, and use that to attract more customers. Colors like red and yellow stimulate the senses and create an upbeat atmosphere.

When choosing a theme for the salon, study your market and target audience to make sure the reflects your business. For instance, if working with upscale clients, include furniture associated with luxury such as plush seats because such clients appreciate aesthetics as much as they do customer service.

Incorporate large mirrors on the walls, and use mirrored furniture to brighten up the room. Especially if the salon is small, mirrors make the space appear more spacious. Having separate sections for the reception, retail and styling also helps project a professional appearance.

Use clean lines and clearly organized space to evoke peacefulness and efficiency. Creatively display tools and magazines to make the space functional and to contribute to the overall style of the salon. Avoid excessive window hangings, keep the retail display clean, and remove old magazine stacks from the waiting area.

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