What Are Some Tips for Dealing With Difficult Coworkers?


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To deal with a person who is constantly negative, try maintaining a positive attitude, and reply to negative comments with very positive ones, suggests DailyWorth. If the person is also negative about other coworkers, mention their positive attributes to dissuade further negativity. Dealing with a person who takes credit for other people's ideas is best accomplished by speaking to the person face-to-face. Avoid anger, but ensure the person is aware of the slight to prevent further occurrences.

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Dealing with a bully is similar to managing a situation with a person who takes credit for other people's ideas. Talk to the person face-to-face, and give her specific examples of her behavior. Talk to the human resources manager if the situation continues or worsens, and document each instance of bullying.

When working with a person who doesn't perform expected job duties, avoid doing her work. Allow the work to remain unfinished to ensure the person is accountable for her actions.

To avoid gossip in the workplace, don't listen or participate in the activity. If someone begins to gossip, make an excuse to leave. Those who are the topic of gossip should address the issue directly. While it is important to avoid anger, suggest the person speak to you about an issue rather than discussing it with coworkers. Often, the gossip stops after a direct confrontation.

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