What Are Some Tips for Creating Training Plan Templates?


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Creating effective training plan templates requires choosing a training goal, setting learning objectives, methods and activities, and establishing documentation. Training plan templates must be reviewed to determine whether or not they adequately accomplish goals.

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The first step in creating training plan templates is identifying the overall goals of the plan. To avoid confusion, it's best to choose no more than two goals per plan. Training goals can focus on things such as improving performance skills or learning new skills, and templates can include a single goal objective or dual objectives. Asking peers, managers and friends for feedback is a useful method for identifying weaknesses, threats and potential opportunities for improvement; all of which can be used to select goals.

Training plan templates must have learning objectives, and identifying what areas need work requires reviewing each goal. Specific action steps must be outlined in the template that detail methods and strategies for learning and growth. Each learning objective must match with a particular learning activity. Learning activities can include reading educational materials or real-life problem-solving exercises. Cost of training should be considered when choosing activities.

Include a section for training materials that support learning objectives. Templates can call for the use of specific books, courses and presentations, including handouts. To gauge progress, create a system for review and testing, and integrate both into the plan.

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