What Are Some Tips for Creating an Email Newsletter?


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Tips for creating an email newsletter include creating relevant subject lines, taking into account the length and frequency of the newsletter, making it visually appealing, and using the right tone and attitude. Email newsletters which include promotional content can help to grow revenue.

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A relevant and interesting subject line increases the chances of people opening the newsletter and reading it. Many people delete promotional material, especially if the subject lines appear generic or uninteresting. Adding a request for the reader to forward the newsletter in the subject line may help improve its circulation. An effective subject line is short, to the point and does not include acronyms.

Tailor the length of the newsletter to its frequency for the best result. A daily newsletter should be a page or less. An effective weekly newsletter should be between five and six pages. Biweekly and monthly newsletters can be longer but share informative, relevant and entertaining information.

A good email newsletter is visually appealing and easy to read on a computer screen. A hyperlinked table of contents at the top of the newsletter makes it easy for readers to find valuable information.

Lastly, the tone and attitude of the newsletter should be matched to the various contexts. The tone for official documents should be formal, while a more casual tone is better adopted for promotional materials.

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