What Are Some Tips for Creating a Site Development Plan?


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Tips for creating a site development plan include reviewing the appropriate county and state building laws to ensure proper compliance, meeting with clients and architects to confirm the needs of the structure, and focusing on the entire project to include all relevant details. It may also be helpful to prepare a preliminary plan to review with other parties and agencies.

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A site development plan covers a variety of aspects regarding the construction of a building or similar structure, including a full rendering of the proposed floor plans and blueprints. Before drafting the development plan, it is important to meet with all the appropriate members of the development team, including architects, investors and project managers, to create a list of all the features and components each party wishes the final structure to possess. This reduces time spent on redrafting the plans by collecting all feedback at the beginning of the process.

The project lead should also schedule a time to meet with a county building code official to review the guidelines for building code and site development plan compliance. Though many counties post these guidelines online, it may be helpful for the project lead to meet with an official to discuss different aspects of the terms. During the creation of the development plan, the lead should include the full scope of the project and check in with partners and governmental agencies to make sure the plan covers the appropriate details.

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